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AON120 Mini Node

AON120 Series FTTH mini node supports Video Overlay application over FTTH optical fiber access network. It operates on 1002MHz RF bandwidth, with high output power up to 82 dBµV (AGC). AON120 has low power consumption and optional built-in WDM to support PON signal pass-through. It is part of ACT Deep Fiber and FTTH solution, which helps operators provide superior video services in a FTTH PON network architecture.

•    1002MHz RF Spectrum for superior video services

•    Small form factor and low power consumption

•    Low noise circuit (3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR 45dB)

•    High output power up to 82dBµV for MDU application

•    Excellent linearity at wider optical receiving range +3dBm to -12dBm

•     Flatness less than ± 0.75dB In the range of 47 to 862MHz

•     Metal shell, supply safeguards to opto-electrical sensing device

•     Optional built-in WDM provides PON pass-through capability in a FTTH optical passive network

•    Powered directly using the power adaptor

•    The compact enclosure fits easily in CPE, ONU housing or network termination boxes


AON120 FTTH Deep Fibre Mini Node 

Downstream Specifications (Receiver)


1200 to 1600nm or 1540 to 1560nm

Optical Input Power 

-17 to +3dBm (-7 to +3dBm for analog TV signal)

-14 to 2dBm (1550nm LED Green)

-16 to -14dBm (1550nm LED Orange)

<=-16dbm or="">=2dBm (1550nm LED Red)

Optical Return Loss 


WDM IL (optional)


Channel Isolation 



>=0.9A/W @ 1550nm

Channel Isolation 


RF bandwidth: 

47 to 1002 MHz 

Output Level

92dBµV @ +3dBm, 82dBµV @ -2dBm, Adjustable (MGC)

82dBµV @ -7 to +3dBm (AGC)

Output Level Adjustment

0 to 20dB

RF flatness

+/-0.75 dB 

RF return loss

>=14 dB 

RF input impedance

75 Ω  

RF Connector 


Link Performance


48.0dB (60 PAL-D, -8dBm receive, 3.8% OMI )







General Specifications

Optical Connector


Operating Temp, °C

-20 to 50  

Storage Temp, °C

-40 to 85

Power Supply 


Operating relative humidity, %

5 to 95

Power Consumption W


Dimensions (W x D x H)

48×88×22 mm

Weight, kg

0.4 kg 

Ship weight

5 kg ( Packed in carton boxes of ten units )



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