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ABA1000 Battery Analyser

ABA1000 Battery Management Station is a battery management system used to maintain, reactivate and test battery cells up to 12V. This system includes a battery charger, a battery discharger, a battery activator and system monitor.

•    Charger, discharger, and activator functionality which can be used either separately or comprehensively

•    Compatible with  2 V, 6 V, and 12 V battery cells

•    Charges/discharges single and multi-cell batteries

•    Constant current discharging with current, time and voltage setting

•    Charging/discharging automatic stop with test time, capacity setting and over current protection

•    Alarm when high temperature, opposing connection, battery wire disconnect, under or over voltage, over current conditions

•    Data management software

•    Easy-to-read LCD display

•    Built-in safeguards to protect batteries during testing

•    Highly accurate test results

•    Compact design to save space

•    Three stage charging: Constant current, Fixed Voltage, Reduced current – floating

ABA1000 Battery Management System


12 V ( 2V, 6V optional )

Charge Current per Cell Voltage

Up to 15 A +/-0.01A

Discharge Current per Cell Voltage

Up to 50 A +/-0.01A

Charge and Discharge Voltage 

9.0V to 16 V

Temperature Censor

-10~55  +/- 0.001

Impulse Cycle



800 × 480 pixel color LCD with touch screen

Power Requirements2

220 V±10% AC / 50 Hz

Operation Temperature

0 to 50 °C

Operation Humidity

5 % to 90 % RH (non-condensing)

Communication Port

RS232 or USB

Dimensions (L × W × H)

42.5 mm × 20 mm × 30 mm 


15 kg


1 Varies depending on battery capacity

2 Desired input voltage to be specified by customer





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