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Smart Wall Plug

Conform to the European standard; Support remote controlling the socket power, and get real-time data of power consumption.

    Communication Mode: IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee/SmartRoom).

    Conforms to the European standard; Supports remote controlling the socket power.

    Mobile type, plug and play.

    Metering type, get real-time power consumption data.

    Supports customized scene modes and linkage control.

    Manager electricity by time setting, linkage control and peak-power limitation, saving your time.

    Overload protection, safe for use.


Power Parameter

250 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Maximum Rated Current

16 A

Standby Power Consumption

≤0.5 W

Maximum Resistance Load

2500 W

Maximum Inductive & Capacitive Load

1500 W

Installation Method


Operating Temperature

‑10 °C to +45 °C

Operating Humidity

≤95 % RH (non‑condensing)

Dimensions (L×W×H)

112 mm × 57 mm × 78 mm

Net Weight

140 g

Gross Weight

357 g

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