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APM980 Power Meter

APM980 DIN Rail Single-Phase Electronic KWH energy meter is a robust and cost effective single phase electricity meter, which adopts micro-electronic technology with a special integrated circuit. It has anti-EMI and low-power features and is widely used in the office buildings, shopping malls, residences, airports and metro station etc.

•    35 mm DIN standard guideway installation which conforms to the DIN EN 50022 standard, or pre-plate installation

•    7-digit LCD display, with a standard configuration of 6 + 1 (999999.1 kWh) display units, can also be configured for 5 + 2 displays

•    Red and green LEDs for infrared communication instructions. Also includes Infrared emitting head and infrared receiver

•    The standard configuration includes check current load current trends and automatically detect load current trend direction, which is indicated by a single LED

•    The power consumption of two single phase lines is independent of the current load current trend, which conforms to the IEC 62053-21 standard

•    Standard S-type connections (bottom line, top line), direct access, optional CT access and PT & CT access

•    The standard configuration of short terminal blocks can be used to select extension terminals and ensure safe operations

•    The standard configuration communication protocol meets the DL/t645-1997 standard


Type Number


Reference Voltage  

Current Specifications

Single-phase guideway installation electronic type


1.0 level

220/380 V

230/400 V

240/415 V

1.5(6) A  

5(30) A 10(60) A

20(80) A          30(90) A

5(20) A 10(40) A

15(60) A          20(80) A

30(100) A

2.0 level


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