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AVR Voltage Regulator

Ascent’s AVR200 Series Automatic Voltage Regulator provides a stable output voltage supply for electronic equipment and is widely used in telecom base stations, CNC machines, computerized topography, printing machines, production lines, and other voltage stabilization applications.

    Wide input voltage range

    Wide load power factor range (resistive, capacitive, inductive)

    Continuous operation and short time overload rated

    Long life roller type carbon brush

    Negligible wave distortion to output

    Self-coupling transformer can be connected at the input or at the output of the DBW

    Protection circuit (over/undervoltage and overcurrent with shutdown delays)

    Vacuum pressure impregnation process for F or H class insulation of the magnetic components

    Surge protection option is available on request

    Multiple outputs or other output voltages are available on request



Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage Range

150 V AC to 250 V AC, 50 Hz

Input Frequency Range

50 Hz ± 5 Hz

Nominal Output Voltage

Single phase 220 V AC ± 3 V AC, 50 Hz

Over Voltage Shutdown

Output voltage > (+10%), 4s to 7s delay before cut off

Automatic restart when mains voltage decreases

Under Voltage Shutdown

Output voltage < (‑20%), 4s to 7s delay before cut off

Automatic restart when mains voltage increases

Start Delay

The AVR will auto switch ON the output when the unit power is ON and delayed for 5 s to 7 s


Normal indication: output voltage and current

Fault protected indication: Fault code: ‑oV (over voltage),

‑uV (under voltage), ‑oL (over current)

Overload protection

Automatic circuit breaker rated at 120%

Overload capability for heavy start load.

Manual By‑pass

Rated for 120% nominal current


>98 %

General Characteristics

Environmental Protection Class


Electrical Safety

CE equivalent

Operating Temperature

‑20 °C to +45 °C

Relative Humidity

<90 %


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