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AON212X Series Optical Node

AON212X Series 2x2 Segmentable two-way Optical Node is part of ACT Deep Fiber solution, which has been designed to deliver interactive CATV, high capacity DOCSIS Data and other advanced services. The cost-effective node platform helps service providers expand bandwidth of their existing HFC network while minimizing capital investment. AON212X is a 1.2G Hz features a modular design for flexible applications. It has microprocessor control, a digital display, and an easy-to-use engineering debug interface. It has highly-optimized circuit design using SMT process production for smooth photoelectric signal transmissions. It has good RF attenuation with high accuracy with its use of a specialized RF attenuation chip. It uses GaAs technology to achieve high gains and low distortion, and has excellent AGC performance. AON212X node suits the last mile fiber deep access networks and also provides the optional HMS interface to support the remote monitoring capability in advanced network management system.

•    1.2 GHz and 50dBmV output capabilities

•    2x2 segmentable optical node with high-level output ports & low distortion

•    Optimized circuit design, SMT process production, optimized signal path, make the photoelectric signal transmission smoother

•    Specialized RF attenuation chip, with good RF attenuation and equilibrium linear, high accuracy

•    GaAs amplifier device, power doubler output, with high gain and low distortion

•    Excellent AGC performance, when the input optical power range is -9 dBm to +2 dBm

•    Various Diplex filters available in 42/54 & 204/258 MHz

•    RF  Bi-directional  Test  Point:-20dB

•    On board equalization adjusted by 1dB stepped plug-in ATT

•    Operating Temperature: -40℃ to  +60℃(-40F  to  +140F)




Optical Receive Wavelength

without WDM

1270 nm to 1600 nm

with WDM

1310 nm to 1550 nm

Optical Receive Test Point

1 V/mW

Optical Input Power/AGC

-6 to +2 dBm

Optical Return Loss

45 dB

Frequency Range

FH-1220 MHz


Flatness of Frequency Response

f=FH-1220 MHz

±1.0 dB

RF Test Point

-20 dB±1.0

Output Return Loss

up to 800 MHz

16 dB

above 800 MHz

14 dB

Reference Output Level

±1.0 dB @1220


50 dBmV



14 dB


51 dB


-64 dB


-60 dB

Optical Wavelength

1310 nm,1550 nm,1610 nm or


Optical Output Power

2 or 3 mW


Optical Return Loss

45 dB

RF Input Level

15-40 dBmV


Dynamic  Input  Range

NPR≥38 dB

15 dB


Frequency Range

5-FL MHz


Flatness of Frequency Response

f =5-FL MHz

±0.75 dB

RF Test Point

-20 dB±1.0

Input Return Loss

16 dB

Input Voltage

40-90 V AC

Power Consumption

≤50 W

Power passing capacity


Surge Withstand Capability

IEEE 587 C62.41-1991-Cat

B3,Combination Wave,6 kV, 3

kA.8/20 μs

Operating Humidity


Operating Temperature

-40 °C to +60 °C(-40 °F to

+140 °F)

Dimensions (H x W x D)


(22.9Hx35.6Wx17.3D cm)


13.2 Ib(6.0 kg)



(1)Standard options (FL/FH=42/54, 85/102)

(2)-1 dBm optical input, 3.5%OMI/CH, 79CH NTSC, digital CH above 550 MHz at-6 dB offset

(3)Tolerance on optical output power is +0.71-0.3 dBm.

(4)RF Input level to the node can be varied by changing the Reverse attenuation pads.

(5)80 MHz broadband noise load, 13 dB link loss


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