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ALA-GT 2V Battery

Ascent’s ALA series Lead Acid 2V VRLA UPS batteries are widely used in standby power applications for telecommunications, UPS, military, broadcast, and television system purposes.

    Positive plate uses a tubular plate which can prevent active material failures

    Multi-component alloy frame

    Corrosion-resistant with long service life

    Negative plate features a special radiated structure

    Micro-pore PVC-SiO2 separator with high porosity and low resistance

    High discharge performance

    High gas recombination efficiency

    Maximum charge efficiency

    Low self-discharge rate

    Easy installation and handling




Nominal Voltage

2 V

Nominal Capacity (10 h, 1.8 V/cell)

600.0 Ah

Rated Capacity (+25 °C)

10 h rate (60.0 A, 1.80 V): 600 Ah

5 h rate (104 A, 1.75 V): 520 Ah

3 h rate (152 A, 1.75 V): 456 Ah

1 h rate (341 A, 1.60 V): 341 Ah

Internal Resistance

Approx. 0.62 mΩ

Maximum Discharge Current

4800 A/5s

Cycle Use (+25 °C)

Initial Charging Current: ≤150.0 A

Voltage: 2.40 V to 2.50 V

Temp. coefficient: ‑5 mV/°C

Standby Use (+25 °C)

No limit on Initial Charging Current

Voltage: 2.25 V to 2.30 V

Temp. coefficient: ‑3 mV/°C

Self‑Discharge (+20 °C)

<2 % per month

Container Material


Operating Temperature

Discharge:       ‑20 °C to +55 °C

Charge:           0 °C to +40 °C

Storage:          ‑20 °C to +50 °C

Nominal Operating Temperature

25 °C ± 3 °C

Dimensions (L × W × H)

145 mm × 206 mm × 646 mm (681 mm total height)

Approx. Weight

Approx. 46.0 kg



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