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ROE1200C Outdoor Multiport EDFA

Ascent’s ROE1200C Outdoor Multiport EDFA offers flexible and scalable optical amplification for high quality optical transmission in RFoG/FTTH networks. The ROE1200C series are outdoor Er-Yb codoped optical fiber amplifiers, with high stability and constant output. The core devices adopt high reliable Pump lasers and are equipped with APC and ATC servo circuits controlled by high precise MCU for real-time monitoring of bias current, TEC cooler bias current and laser temperature to ensure the stable output optical power and the reliable system. The ROE1200C optical amplifier is packaged in a self-contained die-casted aluminum alloy housing. Combined with our AT5000 1550nm direct or externally modulated laser transmitter, MSOs can quickly deploy and activate advanced multi-media services in long distance video transmission and high subscriber count FTTH networks.

·       Adopt high stable pump laser with low distortion and high output optical power

·       Adopt high-performance Er-Yb codoped fiber, high energy conversion efficiency

·       The maximum total output power is up to +36 dBm; output ports 4 to 16 optional

·       Built-in APC and ATC servo circuits controlled by high precise MCU; the output optical power is -0.5 dBm to +3 dBm continuously adjustable

·       Cast aluminum housing, built-in LED screen display, support Ethernet transponder


Technique parameters

Input Wavelength Range

1545 nm to 1565 nm

Input Optical Power Range

-10 dBm to +10 dBm

Overall Output Power

≤ 36 dBm

Max Output Power per Port

≥ 22 dBm

Output Power Stability

± 0.5 dBm (@ 0 dBm to +10 dBm input)

Noise Figure

≤ 5.5 dB (@ 0 dBm input)

Return Loss


≥ 45 dB


≥ 45 dB

Pump Power Leakage


≤ -30 dBm


≤ -30 dBm

Optical Connector Type


Power Supply Input Voltage

AC 90 V to 265 V (50/60Hz)


≤ 70 W

Operating Temperature Range

-30 °C to +55 °C

Storage Temperature Range

-40 °C to +85 °C

Maximum Operating Relative Humidity

Max 95% no condensation

Maximum Storage Relative Humidity

Max 95% no condensation


460 (L) ×270 (W) × 170 (H) mm

                                             Block Diagram
                                          Application Diagram

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