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AON1200 Optical Node

AON1200 Series 1 or 2-port two way Optical Node is part of ACT Deep Fiber solution, which has been designed to deliver interactive CATV, high capacity DOCSIS Data and other advanced services. The cost effective node platform helps service providers expand bandwidth of their existing HFC network while minimizing capital investment. The AON1200 compact node has IP67 rated housing and is suitable for MDU, FTTB or FTTC applications with two high outputs up to 108dBuV each.

•    High performance 862MHz or 1GHz RF Spectrum

•    Advanced GaAs RF hybrid technology for PAL, CENELEC and NTSC standards up to 110 analog channels

•    Two high outputs up to 108dBuV each to eliminate last amplifier

•    Field upgradeable diplexers and filters with plug-in PADs and EQs

•    Designed with optional HMS transponder interface

•    Wide operation temperature range -40 to +65 degree C

•    Compact housing and low power consumption

•    15AMP current passing capacity and 25 AMP surge survivability

•     Sturdy die-cast housing is IP67 rated.

•    High performance and cost effective deep fibre solution for FTTX, MDU, SMB applications


AON1200   Deep Fibre 2 Port Optical Node 

Optical Specifications 

Optical Wavelength

1290 to 1600nm

Optical Input Power 

-9 to +3dBm 

Optical Return Loss


Optical Connector


Optical AGC Range

-6 to +1dBm

RF Specifications 

RF Bandwidth

47 to 862 or 1003MHz 

RF Output Port

1 or 2 

Output Level

1x112 or 2x108dBuV @ -6 to +1dBm 

Gain Adjustment

0-24dB Pads 

Slope Adjustment

0-20dB EQs 

RF Flatness

+/-0.75 dB 

RF Return Loss

≥16dB(47-550MHz), ≥14dB (550-1000MHz)

RF Input Impedance

75 Ω

RF Test Point

-20 dB

Link Performance


50dB (79ch NTSC @ -4dBm receive, OMI 4% )


-63dBc (8dB slope, 112dBuV@1003MHz, 79 NTSC)


-67dBc (8dB slope, 112dBuV@1003MHz, 79 NTSC)

Upstream Specifications ( Optional Transmitter)

Optical Wavelength

1310, 1550, CWDM 

RF Bandwidth 

5 to 42 MHz, 5 to 65 MHz

Output Power 

3dBm ( RF input > threshold )

RF Input Level threshold

15 to 25 dBmV

RF Flatness

0.75 dB 

RF Return Loss 

16 dB Typical, 14 Min

Optical Return Loss


General Specifications

Operating Temperature

-40 °C to +65 °C

Power Supply 

35 to 90VAC line power or 90 to 260 VAC local power

Operating Relative Humidity

5 % to 95 % (non-condensing)

Power Consumption

18 W (receiver only )

Current Passing

15 A 

Dimensions (W × D × H)

242 mm × 203 mm × 117mm


1.5 kg





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